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  • The Radical Life Tour description
  • 4 days – All Inclusive – 1-star Guide Michelin
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Some of Italy’s most vital and prominent grapes are found in this area. Arneis, Timorasso, Nebbiolo, Ruché, Vespolina and Cortese are just a few examples of why Piedmont is one of the most attractive wine areas in the world for wine lovers. It is a UNESCO World Heritage-designated wine region, embraced by the peaks of the alps which are giving the region its name. Magical.
We will explore some of the most precious wines in the world. Barolo, the king of Italian wines, and its northern neighbour Barbaresco, who can act as the honoured queen, and so much more that awaits anyone who joins us.


Piedmont is also known as the well tasting food pantry of Italy. Here, among the vineyards, you will find the world’s best hazelnuts, the mythical white truffle and some of the tastiest cheeses in Italy. Panna Cotta, Semifreddo, Marrons Glacés, and the famous Gianduitto are some of the more enjoyable desserts originating from Piedmont. Prior to the desserts, we have tried Vitello Tonato, Tajarin’, and preferably the homemade family risotto. Arrive hungry. Buon appetito!


Sight, smell and taste will be fully satisfied by Piedmont’s well-composed smorgasbord. Classical music and operettas will provide the same satisfaction to your touch and hearing senses. Together they harmonize in a balanced tranquillity. There is no more to add in writing. Or visualize through images. It needs to be experiences on site. With us, locally in Piedmont.


With over 24 years in the wine business, with Italy as the launch pad, I have gained deep relationships with local wine and food producers. Together with Gustav Jonsmeden, who has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, sales and strategy, we form this innovative business creating unforgettable experiences for our guests. We have the know-how and the ambition to deliver this.

Accommodation & Logistics

Always in the spirit of comfort and security. We are staying in the centre of gastronomy with accessibility as our guiding star. Post cards views are saluting us on arrival.

Our Philosophy

Old winefarmer kissing some blue grapes in Piemonte, Italy

The Farmer

The Land & Climate

The Grape

The wine producers of our teams are very down-to-earth, and are often attached to the same soil that feeds them and ultimately us. Several producers have been there for generations. A lifelong vocation giving the producer the exuberance and tranquility that we all need sometimes. History, geography and harmony become intertwined through the wonders of nature.

Fossils of Ampelophyllum noeticum Massalongo belonging to the Vitis Vinifera family has been found in northern Italy. Even if the fossils are not related to the vineyards, it underlines the predestination of this land. Already millions of years ago. The Etruscans once mastered the land intended for wine cultivation, an art that was later inherited by the Romans. The Roman empire and its expansion 2000 years ago safeguarded the future wine consumption.

The best sites for the most appreciated grapes have been well documented for hundreds of years. Today, they are known as cru sites, and result in the most complex wines available. Italy’s greatness in the wine world originates from the vast range of various grapes. Each landscape and wine region take pride in its local characteristic grape. From Nerello Mascalese in the south to Schiopettino in the north.

About Us

Been working with wine for 23 years and lived in Italy for 4 years dealing with wine producers and wine distributers all over Italy. Piemonte was a region we visited a lot and got personal friends with many of the producers in Barolo region. Speaking fluently Italian.

Erik Schneider diplom Årets sommelier Circus Stockholm

Sommelier of the year 2017, Erik Schneider

Erik Schneider, finally!
’A sommelier with the ability to inspire across borders and whose enthusiasm rubs off on all ages. With a relentless drive to spread knowledge, the Sommelier of the Year has through his wide experience and big heart spellbound many people over the years. In order to develop the business, we need more sommeliers of this calibre. Thanks for opening doors and welcoming everybody!’

Co-Founder of L’Enoteca

The best winebar in Sweden that was established in 2014 at Västergatan in Malmö. A popular place for people who want to eat some tapas together with a glas of wine.. L'Enoteca will be our place to be to have post get together gatherings for all our guests.

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