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For guests starting the tour in Scandinavia (Kastrup Airport, Copenhagen)

This is an exclusive first run with few seats at reduced prices – The program may change before departure due to unforseen circumstances.

4 days – All Inclusive – 1-star Guide Michelin

Last updated: 2018-03-24

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an extraordinary experience behind the traditional façade that normally exist between a visitor and the local citizen. This trip will incorporate both culinary delights as well as beautiful music and spectacular artwork. The extraordinary will arrive from the unique meetings you will have thanks to our great relationship we have with people who creates these culinary, musically and aesthetics masterpieces.

To make it these meetings more up and close and personal with the Piemonte producers we have chosen to invite only 8 guests in total for these tours, making it very exclusive.

Our goal is the bring out a reality not known to most of the people visiting Piemonte, Italy. We will do this with the highest level of service and comfort.

Day 1 – Friday

All guests meet up at Le Sommelier Bar & Bistro, Kastrup airport at 07:00. Here we will serve a glass of champagne and we will make a toast to have an excellent trip together in Piemonte.

The SAS flight takes us to Malpensa and here we are met up with our English speaking Piemonte guide that will show us to the minibus we will use during our stay. The trip will take approx. 1 hour, and it will be an opportunity to get to know each other better and you will get a presentation of Piemonte and some written guides to support and enhance your stay with us as guests the next four days.

At 13:00 You will be check-in at the exclusive and exquisitely decorated Villa Sironi.

You will hear classical music outside in the enclosed garden and shown to your lunch which contains products from the producers that you will encounter during your four days agenda with us. The guide will share with you some practicalities around the trip and give you some insights to the content of this buffet.

After our lunch we will take you to a legend within the world of wines, Mr. Walter Massa. He normally is not doing any tours at his winery but makes an exception for our guests. This visit will create some impressions as Mr. Massa is tremendously passionate for the art of wine producing and is producing high-class white wines that is hard to come by today outside Piemonte. Prepare for a visit out of the ordinary.

After this visit that will set the tone for the rest of the tour we will arrive at a country home (Agriturismo) that we believe is one of the more beautiful places outside Tortona. Here we meet up with Fabio and his family who are very passionate about making the guests feel welcome. His mother makes amazing local dishes with Piemonte specialities and his father is a “Tartufaio”, a truffle hunter. His father will take us to their territory and show you the art of finding truffles with his dog. No guarantees on finding any during the hour we are searching as it’s quite rare but if we are little lucky we find the truffles we can use during the meals later.

Coming back from the hunt we will be offered to join in the cooking of the evenings meals by his mother, all voluntary of course. Others may like to have a glass of wine next to the fire place or take a small walk outside exploring the surroundings. At 20:30 the dinner is served, and it will be a 9-course meal with wines from Walter Massa who also produces great Barbera wines (Red).

Day 2 – Saturday

For our early birds the day starts with a small, 1-hour historical excursion within a walking distant from the hotel. You will walk up some appetite for the breakfast.

We will then check-out and leave to meet up with another legend but now in the world of micro-brewery, Riccardo Franzosi at Birraficio Montegioco. He can’t keep up with the demand and has several distributors who are in a long waiting line to import his beer to their countries. He has opened his house for us and invited the local cheese producer Marco Bernini and the salami producer Corte Di Brignano to join in to complement the testing of his beer.

If we are lucky he will share his own produced Focaccia bread made my beer malts made in an oven build by his ancestors 150 years ago.

Leaving reluctantly Riccardo for a small trip to a winery that started in 1990 but already are well known. We believe that Cascina Montagnola has the most beautiful winery in the region with the most beautiful bottles. We will have a regular tour in the winery but then have the tasting up on the balcony which normally is not accessible to public, which gives a breath-taking view of the surroundings.

We are then heading to our stunningly located hotel outside Alba, Villa D’Amelia which has an inviting SPA area, a wonderful Piano bar and a 1-star Guide Michelin restaurant with the head chef Nigro who now has an ambition to get the second star.

An envelope is handed out with keys to the rooms and practical information I shared by the front office manager Silvio at the piano bar where we will have some refreshments. Then, taking a rest in the spa area or in the hotel room to get refreshed for the evening. We will be invited up to the restaurants, hidden out of view with a total focus on the dining experience. It will be a dinner with the best of the Barolo wines. Wines, produced by people we will visit the next two days.

Day 3 – Sunday

We kick of lightly with a spa visit until 11:00 where we check-out and then take us to our place for lunch with the hospitality of our good friends at Ceretto Winery. We’ll listen to the great story of the ”Barolo Brothers” enjoying their legacy by the glass with a magical view connected to their passion for wine, food and art”

Then our bus takes us the charming Silvia Altare, daughter to the legend Elio Altare, the man who brought the modern methods of Barolo producing, creating a wine highly sought for and made the Barolo region bloom. We will get a tour of his property and then a wine tasting of their more famous vintages.

After this great stay we will take ourselves to the famous and well renowned 5-star hotel Castle of Guarene, chosen the #1 Relax hotel in the world 2017. Our stay will be of royalty levels and we can enjoy their astonishing spa/pool area. Here a choice is needed to be made, stay at spa area or go to the city centre of Alba to do some shopping and sightseeing in this lovely small town.

Dinner in the evening is at Gusto Madre in Alba, famous for their pizzas but they serve other types of food if preferred. Here you will be joined by some local producers who will share the meal and their insights with us. It’s going to be a radical evening.

Day 4 – Monday

The last day of the trip and first visit of the day will be at Rivetto, a winery strikingly located at the rim of the Barolo region on top of a hill. Here we will do a vertical Barolo wine test of their different vintages of the same vineyard, starting with the early 90is. The aim is to find the favourite vintage within Barolo region.

Lunch is taken place outside in the vineyards of Rivetto with a view you can die for. We serve the local produced cold cut and bread together with wine from Rivetto.

The last stop before the end of this tour is the oldest Spumante producer in Piemonte, Contratto, and they have one of the mightiest wine cellars in Piemonte. 1.7 million bottles. We will have a tour within this cellar and then we will learn the artform to Sabre your sparkling wine. We will end the tour with some refreshments and a small quiz at where the winner will get a Single Vineyard Barolo bottle and other goodies.

We have aimed to deliver an experience out of the ordinary and hope you will be inspired to join us soon.

A summary

  • SAS flight to Malpensa and back from
  • All-Inclusive
    • Breakfast, Lunch and dinner + refreshments throughout the day.
    • Exclusive wine during lunch/dinner/Breaks
    • Beer/Drinks/Water during the breaks
    • Exclusive Wine tastings (7)
    • Beer /Salami/Cheese tastings (1)
    • Transportations
    • English speaking guides from Piemonte
    • Truffle Hunt
    • Participate in cooking with locals
    • 3 nights stay at three exquisite hotels

Price: $2390* per person, single rooms need to add $200, incl. tax. From other Scandinavian airports other than Kastrup, add $100

*Price may change due to change in program but  you will never pay more.

If you have questions or interested to join up in the tour, please click here.

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